The project came from a partnership between the ICD (Indio da Costa Design), responsible for design and architecture, and CNAME (Capilano Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), responsible for all engineering. The interaction between art and design, design and functionality, beauty and comfort gave rise to something never seen in the nautical market. The dream of sailing and enjoying the practicality and sophistication on board finally comes true. Luxury has gained the freedom to cross oceans.


To materialize this dream, Capilano Yachts chose the paradise of Angra dos Reis as a stage. The Capilano Shipyard was built in a privileged place, next to the entrance of the largest nautical pole in Latin America. Employees have been trained and qualified by CNAME to use the most modern composite material manufacturing processes and follow the strictest quality and finishing controls unmatched.


The hall comprises the whole mouth of the vessel and has its entire side in glass. This allows you to maximize the internal area, and gives you incredible visibility. Another consequence of this innovation is that the Flybridge also goes to the edge of the boat, thus gaining an ample external area and allowing the inclusion even of a hydromassage. A Finite Element study was developed considering the non-linearity of the glass fiber, analyzing the tension in each layer of the laminate Another challenge overcome by the CNAME was to continuously laminate large internal / external panels, sized to withstand the most intense overloads. Using polypropylene "HONEYCOMB" core material, which besides having excellent structural qualities also provides acoustic insulation, does not suffer any type of water absorption over the decades, has great resistance to impact and unlimited life.


Hall of 60sqm of internal area and 40sqm of external area, with American kitchen
Flybridge of 60sqm with whirlpool
Master Suite
Suite Hospedes
Kids Suite
* Each 870 is designed according to the preferences of each client. Capilano Yachts has a technical team to design each yacht from the dreams of each customer, and each new boat has the profile that was designed by its new owner.

Built according to Bureau Veritas rules - NR500

Loa - Overall Length: 26.77m (87.8 feet)
B - Total Mouth: 7.34m (24.1 feet)
Displacement (Light Weight): 67ton


The structural design was done in accordance with the rules of the Bureau Veritas "Rules for Classification and Certification of Yachts NR500", and was verified according to mathematical model of finite elements considering the non-linearity of the composite materials. The entire structure of the vessel has been dimensioned to withstand the loads of most striking storms recorded and built with the best composite materials available.


The shape of the hull is designed to be as versatile as possible. Depending on the motorization that the client chooses, the vessel can either have a low cruising speed of 13 knots, with a range of 3,000 nautical miles for any crossing, or a more powerful engine with a cruising speed of up to 30 knots.


We manufacture high quality boats since 1999, with seriousness and commitment to our customers.

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